Philips Hue Tap ZGPSWITCH with ZHA

Has anyone gotten the original Philips Hue Tap Switch (ZGPSWITCH) to work with ZHA?

I’ve found references to Zigbee2MQTT working, but all of the other references to ZHA are pretty dated, so hopefully there’s a way to make it work now?

Isn’t it an unpowered device, and generates kinetic power during use?
If thats so it probably can’t be paired with ZHA or ZMQTT.

Yes, it’s the kinetic power switch.

Per this page on the Zigbee2MQTT site, it looks like it’s supported there. I’ve the listed pairing options for Channel 11 (which mine is on), but it doesn’t appear to find it after a ridiculous number of attempts.

I was able to pair my Hue tap switch via Zigbee2MQTT in the past. I’m rebuilding my network with ZHA now and having no luck finding it when attempting to add the device to ZHA, it just keeps looking for devices without finding any. I know you have to tell the tap switch which channel to use by holding the corresponding button down for ten seconds- button 1 is for channel 11 (as per this page: Philips 8718696743133 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT). Because the switch doesn’t have a battery but uses the kinetic energy of the button push I believe you must also have at least one Philips Hue Bulb within range as well. In any case I’m still struggling to find a way with ZHA but it was definitely working on my Zigbee2MQTT network for a long time.

attempting (for the first time) to pair the Hue Tap Switch with my HA Yellow … it also is not working…

according to this site: Philips Hue Tap Switch 9290011152X Zigbee compatibility it’s not compatible with ZHA

Yeah I can see the events but no device gets paired. I think Z2M fakes some it to make it work.