Philips Hue v1

Since Philips Hue v1 support is going away soon from Philips I was wondering will the integration with V1 still work? I just started playing around with HA recently and I’m having fun. I’ve been looking at their lights for quite some time but it’s out of range for the minimal automation I’m doing because I rent a place. For 15 bucks it may be fun to play around with. Since I’m not a hardware guy their out of box lighting solutions are kinda nice. Would the integration still work if Philips pull their support?

Yep, it’ll still work. Home Assistant uses the Philips hue local API, so it doesn’t rely on internet access.

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Yes it still works fine.
But there is nothing that I find better with hue lights vs any other brand since you will be using it with HA.
I can’t see any difference except price (in a bad way) and that they are slightly less bright than most other.
But when it comes to controlling and setting up it’s about the same whatever brand you choose.

Ill have to look around for hardware. Still very new. I got a LED strip that works on the same IR as my soundbar so I need to change that up. I’m kind of obsessed with tv calibration. I’m currently on the hunt for a relatively cheap 6500K strip. I like the ease of set up with those light bars for your tv since I have trouble with attaching LEDs in a straight line. Time to read more. Between this and current trying to build a remote in LoveLace I’m having fun.