Philips MasterConnect LED tube series support

Anyone attempting to integrate Philips MasterConnect LED tube series (actually Signify) with HA? These look like interesting products, but I’m not even sure what standard they use, assuming Z-Wave. All it says is “Reliable and secure wireless communication within 2.4GHz mesh network”

MasterConnect LEDtube EM/Mains T8

Edit: Apparently there is MasterConnect and EasySmart. The latter seems to use Zigbee. But the leaflet on this page is again about MasterConnect. Are these the same products?

If they are 2.4 Ghz, they are probably zigbee. Wifi or bluetooth is possible too, but zwave does not use 2.4 Ghz.

True, Z-Wave is 800 to 900 MHz. It’s clearly Zigbee 3.0, but information beyond that is thin. Will post over at the deCONZ forum to see what they say.

I have some MasterConnect (LED driver Philips Xitanum) components here.
Zigbee2MQTT does connect, but not really know what to do with the components.
ZHA connects properly. Switching and dimming is possible.
MasterConnect works with Zuigbee 3.0 Standard, but uses its own parameters, which do not seem to be properly supported by ZHA.
MasterConnect is actually a genius system for professionals. The basic functional idea of the lamps/drivers is that they can be switched on/off by a switch (supports Green Power devices!) but the intended user case is with a motion sensor. This all works without a ZigBee computer/controller! The drivers have more or less two states: a bright dim level and a low dim level. The motion sensor triggers to dim up to high dim level, the driver is programmed to keep this level for a certain amount of time, and with no more motion it dims down again until the next motion trigger. Very often used in car parking garages. The light may never be really off, but low dimmed. As soon as somebody enters a light zone, all grouped lights receive only one group command motion and dim up. Also in industrial halls very useful or in low frequented office areas, warehouse and shops. The supported motion sensors cost about 100€, some work with batteries lasting 8-10 years!

The downside is:
In ZHA I can send commands, which will be executed by the driver, but after a certain time, the driver automatically goes back to low dim level - like in the MasdterConnect system. Even when I switch the driver/light completely off, it switches on again to low dim level after a while. I can change this low dim level from 1 to 255, but I cannot switch completely off!!!
I can also change the high dim level, but after this “up” time it goes back to low dim level. I did not find any way to disable this automatic behaviour, which is a mess.
Trimming the switching times does not work as I think they should work.
Would appreciate help, if somebody has more experience with master connect, especially with the Xitanium driver. Thanks in advance…