Philips Smart TVs with SAPHI OS

Currently the Philips TV integration uses the jointspace API which is only avaliable for a selection of Philips TVs running Android.

There is a second product branch running a more streamlined OS called SAPHI OS. These devices do not have Jointspace. However, if you search for pylips on github, you’ll find a python library which uses a reverse engineered API for both product branches. This could help enable a more wider target range for connecting philips tvs to HA. I’d love to have this to check the TVs status and dim my Hue lights accordingly.

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FYI: This is pylips i was speaking about

You should probably ask this in feature requests instead of here. Dev’s don’t really look here.

Oh, i’m sorry. I thought i did it already, maybe my fingers were too fat for my mobile display yesterday :smiley:

Please look over here: Philips Smart TVs also with SAPHI OS