Philips TV component working with jointspace 6 Non Android TVs

Hey guys, I renewed my tv with a Philips 65PUS6162 last january, and I was pretty sad, as the API changed and it was not supported by the existing API (I had the same model in 43" that worked with the old API). So I had no feedback about the TV in terms of Power Status, channel, source or volume.

I have just seen that 4 days ago there was some movement on the github of the ha philipsjs
So I decided to check it.

I changed the from /srv/homeassistant/lib/python3.6/site-packages/haphilipsjs$ to the one updated on the github page and voila!!

I have seen that the HA component calls ha_philipsjs==0.0.4 so, I guess that the next step should be the githab author to pump the release tag to 0.0.5 and the component author to call it. But meanwhile this is a workaround.

I have now power status, volume control, even a list of channels from HA

Hope it helps

You can check your API version in the following way:

http://yourtvip:1925/x/system, x being the API version number from 1 to 6

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I have pushed the new package to pypi. Now only the version number needs to be changed. This will be included in the next HASS release.

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Pretty new to the home assistant stuff, but i like what i am already abble to do.
Question i also have a recent (6 months old) Philips TV (non android) that i would like to integrate with home assistant.

But i does not seem to work, if i acces an example from the jointspace site like :
(with correct IP) i get a forbidden message in my browser.

My api version seems to be 6 as this link is working http://yourtvip:1925/6/system

I was looking for the but i do not seem to be able to find it…

Help is much appreciated

What I have is this, the only thing I can do is set the volume and turn the TV off.

      - platform: philips_js
        host: IP-of-your-TV
        name: Philips TV
        api_version: 6 #Don't know if the 6 does something though