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Hello to all,
I have difficulty configuring the integration of my philips tv, I have installed the integration and connected my TV via IP address, now I am trying to create a remote control with the basic functions to be able to manage the TV directly from the home assistant but I cannot understand how to integrate the commands into the keys. I saw that you have to use the remote.send_command service. can anyone help me understand?
I don’t know if some configuration is missing to do on the native integration or if I have to do some additional steps in lovelace.
if I go to the service list I find the remote.send_command, remote.learn_command and remote.turn_off commands. I don’t find other services to choose from


thanks a lot

edit: i found the solution.

Create a script and use the remote.send service call and select your tv as source.

service: remote.send_command
command: Standby

More Information: Philips TV - Home Assistant

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i have added a philips tv remote card that you can use, which build upon the philips tv integration @PX80 mentionned

hello abualy, please share. thx

I’ve just made this, it’s working fine on my side, just use it with a grid card limited to 3 columns, made it mimicking my 70PUS Philips remote

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