Philips-xiaomi bulbs offline


I have a Philips-Xiaomi bulb (the basic one), the problem is that I can connect to the Home Assistant without problems, but once the device is working, after several hours, it disconnects.
If I turn it off/on directly from the wall switch, it appears online again. But after a while it disappears again. I don’t know if it could be a hardware problem or a configuration problem. Thanks in advance.

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You’re luckier than me - I added my Xiaomi Philips ZeeRay light bulb to my Home Assistant via the Xiaomi Miio integration, but it never worked. It showed up on my dashboard with 1 device and 1 entity, however, when clicking on the entity, the Info tab said “This entity is no longer being provided by the xiaomi_miio integration. If the entity is no longer in use, delete it in settings.”

I am new to Home Assistant and am very confused…