Phillips hue 4 button switch: define all 4 button actions in one automation possible?

i silly question (for me at least :)).

I have a phillips hue 4 button switch. i can create an automation that works well for each button separately :

alias: Front door switch up B1
description: ''
  - device_id: a85aeba27fc9648c3da284db3032143c
    domain: hue
    platform: device
    type: initial_press
    subtype: 1
    unique_id: 6c31d972-e77e-42f9-a36e-5f0b9a26a37b
condition: []
  - type: turn_on
    device_id: fd4197e5abcbc0a0cf6eee561aebc2e0
    entity_id: switch.front_door_lights_1pm
    domain: switch
mode: single

Is there a way in the same automation to define all 4 automations? or do i need to create a separate automation for each button?

thanks so much in advance!


You can define trigger ids that can be used in the action. I don’t recall exactly how but it’s in the documentation

wow perfect @Robban , just what I was looking for

thx a bunch !


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