Phillips Hue Hub

Hi Everyone.

I am trying to get all my info in front of me before i start making a move over to Home Assistant from Smart Things. Right now i have. Smart Things , Hue v2 , Tado hubs. Not sure if i was imagining it but did i see a post that said i could do away with the Hue Hub at lease and keep all control of that local via Home Assistant? If that is correct thats at least two hubs gone. Anyone has any info on the Hue hub?

Thanks in advance.

Using a Zigbee Stick in your Home Assistant Sever, you can do the Hue hub away.

fantastic. Yeah got a ZigBee stick coming. Is there a guide on getting Hue bulbs working with HA without the Hue Hub? Ive setup HA today and it auto discovered my Hue Hub.