Phillips Hue Motion Sensitivity


I am a little new to Home assistant and still trying to figure things out. Right now I am running Hassio and on a raspberry pi3b+ with a HUSBZB-1. I’ve successfully connected both z-wave and zigbee devices. My issue right now has been setting up an outdoor Phillips Hue Motion sensor. It has connected but the sensitivity is far to high and is pretty much triggering non stop. Is there anyway to adjust the sensitivity? I know this can be done through the Phillips hue app.


The Philips Hue is a Z-Wave sensor, right?

In Hassio, under Configuration then Z-Wave, put the proper node in, and you can see the entities, and set parameters. Depending how tight the intergration was, you may see names and descriptions for the attributes you can set, or you may need to check the manual for the sensor and find what code means sensitivity.

I think all Hue things are Zigbee. The integration with Hassio for Zigbee is simpler, or maybe Zigbee’s got less of an API exposed? People here do use it. But they use custom components, it seems.

How did you end up connecting it, just normal Zigbee pairing?


Please let us know how this works for you. I’ve got to get one myself.

I have this exact same problem with the Hue outdoor sensor.
I am investigating the package by @Mariusthvdb based on @robmarkcole 's custom integration, as described here: Map values for an input_select?

As a newbie to HA this is a bit tough to get setup. Support of Hue accessories config from HA core would be awesome! :slight_smile:

Hue core supports the motion sensors .Why don’t you use that integration ?

You can template any of the attributes if you like.

Just can’t manipulate them. For that, you need to do as I did in my package you found in the other thread