Phillips Hue Motion Temperature sensor performance is lower than that of Develco Frient devices. Is this normal behavior?

Dear all,

I have recently worked to calibrate the temperature sensors on various sensors that I have in my house. One of these is a Phillips Hue Motion sensor, which also has an integrated temperature sensor (the other sensors are from Develco Frient and include their door, air quality, motion sensors). It performs considerably worse than the other device as shown in this screenshot:

The screenshot shows a Grafana plot of the temperature sensors before and after the calibration on the 25. Feburary. After the calibration the Frient temperature sensors cluster well together. But the Phillips Hue sensor (green line) is performing surprisingly poor (at least compared to the other sensors and considering individual device price point… I do realize that fluctuations are still <1°C). Furthermore its values change in steps of 0.2 degrees Celsius so the reported precision is much lower than for the other sensor (some of the values also exhibit jumps of 0.3 degrees Celsius, which indicates that the actual precision may be 0.1 degrees Celsius).

This happens, even though I changed the precision to 2 decimal points for the sensor in Zigbee2Mqtt, like so:

So my question is:
Is this expected behavior? What is the experience of other Phillips Hue Motion sensor users?

Thanks in advance for any input and best,