Phillips Hue Remote Question

Anyone know if this remote can be used in HA zigbee to control non Hue lights?

Is this a ZigBee remote? I thought this is connected directly to a bulb. Can you control this remote with the Hue hub?

Not too sure to be honest. I think it connects to the hub

I think only the light connects to the hue hub, I don’t think that you can use this remote to control other lights that are not connected to the remote with the original Hue hub.

I manged to pair the LivingColors light to ZHA thanks to a dimmer switch. Not the remote…

If this can inspire someone :slight_smile:

I followed this simple steps :

  1. Power the lamp
  2. Press both the I and 0 buttons of à dimmer switch for 10 seconds closeby the lamp : it will flash.
  3. Unplug / Replug the lamp and start the discovery process in ZHA

In video here : How to Factory Reset Philips Hue Bulbs using a Dimmer Switch - YouTube

Found while struggling on this website, thanks to them :pray:t2: