Phillips Hue Room Issues

Hi All

My PI running HA failed last night so I have had to do a rebuild

The first thing to get running was Hue integration. I have 2 hubs in my house and Alexa control. For a long time, it was all I used HA for.

So I have the cloud service and have linked all the skills etc

The problem is with rooms, the 2nd hue hub and Alexa I can control any individual light via Alexa on the 2nd hub but none of the rooms. Alexa does not recognize them.

I have tried making new rooms on the Hue App with different names, rediscovering etc all to no avail

I have found a workaround where if I create the group on the Alexa app it works no issues but would
like to understand if I’m going wrong or maybe if I should get rid of the 2 hue hubs and use the virtual one available for HA?

Thanks in advance