Phillips Hue sensors stopped working (but did work previously)

Hi all, about two weeks ago my hue sensors stopped sending readings to the HA. I have 5 sensors in my home, two of which are only used by HA to set the a few lights on and off. 3 sensors soley run through the hue bridge and 1 sensor has split use. I request help to find the problem and to fix that, so that my sensors start working again.

So this is the set up:

  • 3 sensors are only used to set Hue lights (corridor, toilet, closet) => run solely through hue bridge
  • 1 sensor, in the bathroom, sends readings to both HA and Hue bridge. Hue runs lights, HA runs a smart plug
  • 1 sensor set lights in the kitchen => run through HA. Is used to set the lights when occupancy is detected
  • 1 sensor sets the light in the bedroom => run through HA, is used to set the lights when occupancy is detected

The latter two don’t work, the split sensor only works for the hue bridge and the latter two dont work at all.

This is what i have done myself:

I have reset the “kitchen” sensor several times, this doesn’t seem to help out. Also, the sensors dont send any other information to the HA, such as temperature.

I have also rebooted HA.

I have searched the forum for guidance, but that’s no help as this seems like a pretty specific question (e.g., read this: Link and Link. Both not helping me finding out my issue

Looking at device info, it says last readings were received at 11-12-2020, with no significant activity done that day with HA, internet router or anything related to any of my smart home equipment.

Does anyone have any ideas?

My Hue bridge had an update about then - is yours on auto-update?

Yes, due to security i have it on auto update.
I just checked, i cant find an update time, but i have version 3.45.0 (7623)

However, esp the sensors not linked to Hue should now have been impacted by an Hue update right?

I don’t suppose the IP address of the bridge has changed? That would stop HA working, but it would continue to control lights etc. directly. If so, you need to re-do the integration (see docs here).

I did the re-integration and that seems to help. At least one sensor now works again, so thats great! Thank you! Now one sensor (kitchen) is still inoperable, but i’ll try to find out how to fix that.