Philosophical/Design Discussion: Wemo Humidifer - fan or climate?

Hi All,

I took a swag to developing a platform for the Wemo Humidifier a while back, but it ultimately failed and the PR was closed due to a number of things. I’d like to revive that effort, but I need to know which way to approach this. Is a Humidifier a fan with humidity settings or a climate device without temperature settings and with fan speed settings? Once I know which type of component I’m making, it’ll make it easier to get started.


Here’s a screenshot from their app, if it helps to drive the discussion:

I’m talking to myself on this thread, but I ended up going with a fan and adding a service to set the humidity.

Hi @sqldiablo - Did you ever get this setup?

I have wanted to integrate the Wemo Air Purifier into HA but haven’t had much luck thus far. Thought your experience might bridge the gap.

My last attempt came via Wemo Air Purifier Connection Failing - #2 by wiinc1