Phone Home/Away sets home as ON/OFF/ON instead of just ON?

So I use nodered for an automation to close my garage after leave my house (Just in case I forget, or something happens).

After setting that up, I got home today, and my garage closed right after I pulled into the garage. “Why the F” was my question, so I did some looking at the logs.

Context: I have an input_boolean for Home that turns on when I’m home and off when I’m not.

Rapid Switching

I need ideas on why it would do this and how I can make it /not/ do this. Further information: It doesn’t always do this. Just sometimes, according to my logs. I still need to make sure it doesn’t happen again, as I don’t like closed garages with my car running nearly as much as HASS does.

Tweak your automation to be more forgiving :wink:

This is also a good read, with some more forgiving logic you can use.