Phoney notifications

I haven’t set up my HomeAssistant to be reachable via internet, yet my mobile app gives me tons of notifications that it updated sensors and is connected to homeassistant (no it isn’t). It also uses a significant amount of data.
Is there a way to remove the phoney notifications and make the app shut up while I am not at home? (Apart from uninstalling)

Something strange is going on; the app won’t know about any updated sensors without being connected.

Also, using a significant mount of data implies it’s connected (but I believe my app doesn’t use much data when away).

Perhaps uninstall and re-install?

The app is capable of being connected to multiple servers. Is that possible in your case (I have mine connected to both my mum’s and mine, for example).

thats a foreground service to update sensors, not a real notification and if your server is not reachable it will just fail. You can turn off the notification channel for it or disable all sensors and turn off “Remotely control” app setting for the server in companion app settings.

turn off the persistent connection(same place as above), if you see the notification it actually was able to connect to the server as it got a valid response.

turn off the notification channels