Photos from URL, lock the max height and flow card over - help

I’ve lost about 10 hours trying to figure this out. I setup a photo server that will rotate images if you go to this url: I can get this to work in a picture elements card.

Here is what I would like to do:

  1. Float transparent cards over the image that contain info (like calendar, weather, etc).
  2. Have the picture not change the overall card size based on portrait/landscape/ratio. Just like it was locked into a fixed monitor. Like running in panel mode but with card floating on top and with the panel staying fixed in dimensions regardless of the aspect ratio of the image.

If that’s not possible or out of my ability, then I just need help locking the card size of a picture-elements card. So basically it is confined to certain dimensions and does not move other cards location around horizontally or vertically.

Thanks in advance. I really appreciate it.