PHP automations (AppDaemon alternative)

I know, that there is AppDaemon, which can run python scripts,… But I really dont like Python (my personal preference). But I am PHP developer (over 16 years) and it would be totally awesome if I can write scripts in PHP.

I looked at WebSocket API, which looks exactly what I needed for realtime two-way communication with Home Assistant (listen on events and calling services).

I also made some test script, which connects successfully to WS, registers for some events and receives data. So technically, its totally possible.

Peparing addon with running PHP scripts, UI for them,… also doesnt seem very hard (also already made some experimental addons)

My question is… is there some problem, which I am not seeing? Maybe, that, WebSockets are not as “realtime”?

TLDR: I am looking for arguments, why NOT doing this :slight_smile:

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