Physical Control Board for Home Assistant

Has anyone ever tried to create something like this?
Possibly using a midi controller:

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Something like this would do the trick.


I just had the same idea :-). Connect it to a raspberry to translate the midi stuff to something else. Hm… I have a old midi controller here with a few sliders. I will try to translate it to mqtt topics :-).


Still think this would rock

Hey guys,

Almost three years later and I did it :-). I’m using a similar device (easycontrol.9 from worlde, chinese brand) and this project: I did a few tweaks on the code, which is very simple btw. There’s room to improvement as a slider generates a lot of messages and it seems that HA can’t handle that well, for instance while using a slider to control the brighness of light. I did a small video with my “proof of concept”: midi2mqtt - YouTube