Physical on-wall switches for HA (ZigBee hack)


  • Looks/fit with existing switches
  • Connects to HA and from there executes whatever I want
  • Doesn’t make loud click noises
  • No wiring/battery

Example solution
Needs two solutions to cannibalise parts:

  • Sunricher SR-ZGP2801K4-FOH and took out the battery ZigBee module.
  • Any EnOcean Radio switch for the look/fit. (There are many variants from major manufacturers) such as Jung, Gira, Busch-Jaeger.

Replaced the EnOcean radio switch with battery ZigBee module. The reason for this to work, is that they are all based on the same form as the module in Hue Tap. This required zero wiring or electrical skills.

Reason for this to work is simple. The Sunricher is a rip-off version of the Hue taps EnOcean module, but it’s battery driven. Looking at the three devices you have the Hue Tap to the left, the EnOcean radio module in the middle and the Sunricher to the right.

This can be done with basically any switch that is offered with EnOcean module as they are basically the same. Even the button mounts have the same pattern.

If some one can take a crack at US switches and see if they also have EnOcean modules in them, the solution should work there also.