Physical remote control (Zegbee or Wifi)

Is there any remote control on the market which can be used to control entites in HA? I mean we have tons of smart devices in our house (lights, shutters, switches, media). Would be nice to have a boomer remote control with physical buttons (like a TV remote) to be able to:

  • Open or close the shutters (per window or all in a room, maybe selecting a room)
  • Switch off lights (all or per room or in the given room each)
  • volume up/down the media

So my wife just take the remote of the given room and can open/close, turn on/off, volume up/down…

If I well understood your needing you should go for IKEA zigbee remotes: they’re quite cheap and fully working out of the box with Zigbee2MQTT.

If you optimize your doors and windows by purchasing automatic and smart ones, it will work.

Not exactly fulfill what I’m looking for, but these are close to it. So, would be nice a remote combined to shutter remote added some extra.
As an example but much better.


Maybe you answered in a wrong topic :slight_smile: