Pi 3 died, restore on pi 4

Hi, recently my pi3 died completely out of nowhere. No LED, nothing.
Now ll have is the SD with my homeassistant setup. Is there a way to restore my HA for the pi4 without havin to setup everything one by one? what files could i keep?

You have backups? Just restore the latest.

I have none, didn’t even know, that most files would not even show up on the sd-card. like the .yaml files. Where are those?

On the SD card.

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there are no yaml files on the sd card

Do you try to browse the sd card on a windows PC?

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What do you see on the sdcard? Can you read all partitions or are you limited (e.g. using windows os)?

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There are, but some of the partitions are Linux ones, and Windows doesn’t understand them without help.

Isn’t it that not all yaml’s are saved? config, sensors, templates… etc are stored, true, but the ones for dashboards cards are not, since they are converted to another language…