Pi 3B+ & POE HAT V2 Not Working

I’ve installed Hass.io [Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and B+ 32bit] on my Pi 3B+ and powered it initially using an official 5V, 2.5A PSU; it works fine in this configuration. When I try and power the 3B+ using the latest POE HAT V2, Hass.io fails to boot. I’ve got an 802.3af Gigabit switch so it should be compatible, it powers my IP cameras no problem.

Has anyone else tried Hass.io on a 3B+ with the POE HAT v2?


Sorry not sure about that hat.
I have hass.io using this PoE hat no problem

Now I’ve gone back to basics and removed the POE Hat. Connected a Cat6 UTP and official PSU. I didn’t notice this at first but there’s no link light but Hass.io was working and connecting fine. I did discover the following:

“To help diagnose network problems and/or tell users what speed the network attached to the Pi is running at, the Raspberry Pi devs have used the lights to signify whether 10/100Mb or 1000Mb is being used by the interface. If a 10/100Mb network is connected then the green light will illuminate and then flash when there is network activity. The orange light will remain off. When there is a Gigabit network attached, the green light stays off but the orange one lights up and flashes.”

Anyway, when I use the POE Hat I don’t get a Link or Activity light. Think I need to try another POE Switch.