Pi as wired router with WiFi backhaul

Hi, I want to connect the HA pi to my network over WiFi and connect my Tesla powerwall to the ethernet port, and provide internet access to the powerwall.

Is this possible? And what’s the easiest way?


Router or bridge setups would handle that use case and that is not an unusual setup.

There are no HA integration/addons that can do this, so HAOS is not the way.
Supervised installation is also pretty hard to configure in the setup without breaking any of the rules for that installation type.

The other HA installation types are more free to do such configurations of the underlying operating system, but if you are not “fluent” in Linux administration, then this setup is not for you.
Look for a WiFi extender instead.

I have no idea if the Tesla powerwall requires you to connect it directly to the pi for some strange reason. Surely it should be connected to the router/switch just like any other network device, right?