Pi-Hole integration works only for Update checks, no internal entitity information anymore

As of last update(s) of Pi-Hole (FTL 5.20 / Web 5.18 / Core V5.14.2 and H.A. (containered in Synology NAS) 2022.12.8 only the “Update service” works. All other Pi-hole entities are unavailable.
It was working before these updates.
I’ve read in the Pi-hole updates that they’re restriction access to admin / pasword only and the “public” interface is getting less and less information.

So is it assumed correctly that the Pi-hole DNS integration in H.A. is no longer working by default but needs another configuration in H.A. ??

I assumed the H.A. integration would handle this by requesting access.
I removed the Pi-Hole integrations (i’ve two integrations to provide DNS stability in my home network).
Added them again - to trigger a question on the admin access password on the gui menu, but it does not.

Status integration shows:

If the configuration part of this community is not the correct part, please help me pointing to the correct corner of this huge community tag d environment.

I’m seeing exactly the same here. Pi-holes running in Docker on a couple of Pi4’s
I rolled my HA back to a previous snapshot (running HA in a VM) and tried a few different things.

As far as I can tell the, snafu is caused by upgrading to HASS OS 9.4 and/or 2022.12.8 core upgrade. Either upgrade, regardless of order breaks the pi-hole entities (except as you mention for the upgrade sensors)

@GetTheSunShine, I think we need to file a bug report.

I just recognised the same issue

Looks like the problem was identified and a fix should be coming in the next release: