PI OS installation problems on pi4 HELP!

Can anyone help with installation on Pi4? I get to login, I found somewhere you should type root, but later when type login, nothing is going on. Router sees the new HA so does IP scanner. Left overnight and nothing. This same happened when trying to install as VM. Please help!

Go to another computer on the same network. Open a web browser and type in the IP address of home assistant your router tells you followed by the port 8123.




It can also take 15 minutes on first boot to be ready if I remember correctly as it’s downloading images and stuff.

Thanks for taking the time. Is it possible to login from the pi you are installing the OS onto? I checked my laptop and my phone. Nothing.

Left overnight.

No. Home Assistant OS runs headless (there is no ‘desktop’ GUI environment).

That’s what i thought. Interesting that it happens when installing both on the pi and as the VM that i have on separate ubuntu pc

I have another question though: if it indeed is a headless why do you have to type when login? there this line homeassistant login, where you need to type root, and then, if this works (not always) type the word login.
Would that mean my install is corrupted? Looking at the internet, there must be something intrinsically wrong with this install, because there is a lot of people writing about it. .

You do not have to login there.