PI RAM requirements

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i’ve got HA running on a VM and want to move to raspi so it’s live 24/7 … i have a pi 3A+ here, but am looking at getting a 4b+. atm i can only find 2GB ram in stock - is that enough? or more easily answered, what is that enough for, and what is it not enough for?


Have you tried to search a bit around here?

There are so many answers already written to this question…

This isn’t what you asked for, but a couple of years ago I was running HASOS on a Pi3. At lease one day a week I would have an issue with the Pi. I decided that since my system had expanded and that we have grown to rely on Home Assistant I wanted to explore something more robust and reliable than the Pi.

My Home Assistant is now running on an Intel NUC i3. I bought mine new from B&H Photo in NYC, but you can find them used on eBay for $100 to $200 or new for $250. I am more than pleased with the NUC. It never crashes and I won’t ever run out disk space or RAM.

i’m not quite ready to spend that kind of money… i’ve only got 4 plugs, a couple of esp32s driving some leds and a temp/humidity sensor!

i honestly have!

I recently moved from a pi 3b+ to a Dell wyse 5060. I had issues with the pi locking up. Found 2 wyse 5060 on ebay for $45 bucks and a 128gb ssd for $15.

Be happy you can find anything better than a Pico in stock.

For basic use, yes, 2GB should be fine. If you have a lot of add-ons or are trying to run something like frigate, then you may benefit from more.

If it makes you feel any better, they are shipping the Home Assistant Yellow with a 2GB Raspberry CM4, so the devs should be targeting a basic Pi 2GB environment for quite a while.

Personally been on a Pi4 for about 10 months, 100+ devices, no lockups or glitches. The only time the thing has rebooted is when I told it to. I rebooted last night, finally upgrading HAOS to 8.4. Last reboot before that was 4 or 5 months ago for one of the 7.x builds.

thanks, i’ll fire on the 2gb!

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my pi3A+ might have killed the sd card… was considering the options for pi4 and cases like the argon to house an ssd, and an ssd, and the cost of it all…

then i bought this i5 nuc

think i’ll swap out one of the ssd for bigger, put docker and openmediavault and then i’ve got HA, NAS, and room to grow into.