pi-topCEED with Lovelace as info panel

I have a pi-topCEED from few years back but it’s gathering dust. So I decided to turn it into an info panel (not control panel because it doesn’t have touch screen). Surprisingly it seems like a perfect fit for this purpose. Here is a preview…

Right now, it displays this information:

  1. Weather forecast
  2. Outdoor and indoor temperature and humidity
  3. Latest movies in Plex
  4. Now playing in Plex
  5. Time
  6. Number of person detected at couch
  7. Couch motion sensor
  8. Living room illumination
  9. My kids TV watched duration
  10. Windows and doors status
  11. Roborock vacuum sensors states

I also created some automations to turn on and off the display depending on room occupancy and auto restart the chromium when the RAM hits certain limit.

Another function it has is this…

It overlays the notifications from HA on the screen for 30 seconds before going back to the Lovelace interface.

Future plan:

  1. Voice control support using Snips
  2. Stream short real-time video feed from my IP camera when motion is detected or on command.
  3. Search Youtube videos from query and autoplay on screen.
  4. Play music from Spotify and display song info on screen.