Pi3 with Hassbian hangs

Hello again,

after running flawlessly for a few weeks in pretty much the same spot (hidden above the ceiling) my rapsberry pi 3 with hassbian started to hang more and more often. It did so yesterday before I went to bed, I unplugged and plugged it back to restart, and a few hours later when i woke up and tried to turn on some lights I saw that hass was not accessible anymore, neither was my pi through SSH, so it hanged up on me again.

Any common reasons for that? Might it be that it’s running at around 59-60 degrees celsius? I could put a fan next to it, and it would stay at around 45 degrees, but I see that people say that it should work with temps up to 85-90 without problems. And fans are noisy.

So, if anyone has any ideas of at least where to start looking for problems - would be a lot of help. Thanks.

Hassbian with zwave on raspberry pi 3.

Checked logs, and the only thing I found there, since they are overwritten during restart, was [homeassistant.components.recorder] Ended unfinished session.

After that I read about it, and noticed that by default it’s using SQLite, which I know is not ideal for large databases. And the database file is about 130Mb right now. Can this be the problem? Did my database get too big? Should I setup purging? Not sure that I need to run mysql on pi :smiley:

Common reasons are:

  • Failing or borderline SD card
  • Underpowered power supply

Beyond that, if the OS isn’t responding (you can’t SSH on) then it’s unlikely to be anything directly related to HA. Completely unresponsive systems usually indicate a hardware or OS issue, rather than an application issue. The only exception being when so many processes are running (and consuming resources) that the OS effectively grinds to a halt.

My Pi sits around 60 C, and it’s fine, so it’s unlikely to be the CPU temperature. Oh, and 130 MB is no big deal for a database, mine currently is about 400 MB.

Turned out to be an extremely underpowered supply, did not check that it was just 1A. Switched it with 2.3, seems like it works perfectly fine now :slight_smile: