Pi4 and RAM

So I’m looking to upgrade to a Pi4 from my existing Pi3B+ and I see the Pi4 can come with 1, 2 or 4G RAM. I’m gunna stick with Hass.io just because I like the appliance quality rather than “yet-another-linux-computer-in-the-household”.
Does anyone see a need or benefit of going past 1Gig of RAM?

Pi4 isn’t coming out for at least another 6-9 months? Even then it will probably require plenty of dev work to get hassio ready for the Pi4 platform

Okay then, 2G RAM it is.

Why? At the price point of the Pi I’d go for 4Gb.

As an old Unix programmer and System Admin, I would agree with the statement of; “You can never have too much RAM”. The pricing is looking at $45 USD for basic 1G model, $75 for blown out 4G model… no big deal.
I’m just curious if the additional RAM would buy me anything other than bragging rights. (the 2G comment was a bit of flippance)

Setup a tmpfs and point the sqlite DB at it and not worry about SD card endurance issues.

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Yeah I thought so :slight_smile:
I’m just thinking of ‘future-proofing’ I still run some Pi1B’s here… how old are they now? (I run a FreePBX and an Apple Time Machine from them). Can never have too much RAM… Looks like the pricing has increased a bit from USD$25 eh?

It will for HassOS no doubt but a generic linux install of Hass.io on Raspbian should just work OOTB I’d say. (Like when the 3B+ came out)

OP know something we dont? Pi4 hasn’t even been announced, unless they mean a Rock Pi 4?