Pi4 + ZBDongle-E + zigbee2mqtt + Zemismart Repeater + Sonoff Sensor?

Hi guys, I’ll try to go directly to the point.

I have a pi4 running HA and I’ll be installing the Sonoff ZBDongle-E to be the Zigbee Coordinator via zigbee2mqtt.

Then I have several Zemismart Switches(TB25-ZB, TB26-3 and TB26-6) that are compatible with zigbee2mqtt and are also zigbee repeaters/routers/gateways.

I’m planning to buy the Sonoff SNZB-02D, but they would be installed far from the zigbee Coordinator, but close to the Zemismart switches in each room.

Does anybody know if the Zemismart switch repeaters will also extend the zigbee network for these Sonoff temperature sensors?

I’m worried that the devices are not from the same brand.

Also, I’m considering buying the Zemismart HS001 instead, even though this device is from the same branch as the switches, this sensor is not listed as a supported device on zigbee2mqtt


the question was very specific and there were no answers, so I decided to buy and test it.

As I suspected, different brands don’t seem to be friends as the map shows below.

Fortunately, this sensor will live close to the coordinator, so no problem at all, but for the rest of the house I’ll be getting the HS001

The Zemismart HS001 arrived today and even though they are not listed in the Zigbee2MQTT as a supported device, they worked well without any issues.

The product model is HS001, but it is identified as TS0201.

Another update is that looks like my previous message was a false positive and as we can see in this map the Sonoff is connected to one of the switches and not directly to the coordinator.