Pico W - GPIO

I recently bought the pico W, and was messing around with it a bit.
I got it connect to wifi, but I wonder if there is any way to control GPIO pins from home assistant.

Managed to find this, but I think there should be a easier way to get GPIO control in HA.

Has anyone else got it working?

I have also messed around with one. Very nice little board, I really like it.

I use normal MQTT, nothing Home Assistant specific. I just installed the buildchain on my PC (basically just gcc for ARM, the Pico C++ SDK and cmake) and wrote the firmware. It’s pretty straightforward if you have some experience with embedded development.

Just found out there is a way to get the PicoW working with ESPHome.

Anyone know how to get it going in HA?

Released with ESPHome update this month.

No MQTT support though :sob: