Pictrue Glance Card: Make the bottom area with the buttons/icons opaque per configuration

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I use Picture Glance Cards for representing my current Logitech Harmony activity. Depending on the state_image, the icons are not always very readble:

I think if you could specify that the card would make the bottom area with the icons opaque (maybe make the background colour configurable as well?) per configuration the icons would be more easy to read. Also it wouldn’t mess with the picture itself, making it look offcentered.

Here would be a possible configuration:

type: picture-glance
title: Living room
icon_bar: "opaque"
  - switch.decorative_lights
  - light.ceiling_lights
  "on": /local/living_room_on.png
  "off": /local/living_room_off.png
entity: group.living.room

I’m curious of what you are thinking.