Picture Card Configuration Help, doesn‘t work with certain picture-format and resolutions

Hi all,

I‘m trying to utilise the picture card.

I’ve copied in the WWW folder two pictures jpg.
One downloaded from internet and one done with my IPhone.

When in the element settings I insert the path of the picture downloaded from internet the picture is shrewd correctly.
But when I try with the picture from IPhone the card show nothing.

The path is always /loca/picture.jpg

Someone could help me here please?? :pray:


They should be in a pic folder inside of the www folder. That is how mine is setup.
Then when used on the dashboard the: image:/local/pics/*****.jpg

IIRC, iPhones save images as HEIC by default. Are you converting the image from your phone to jpg before uploading it to HA?

I thought about that but are JPEG.
Thinking about a strange property of the pictures I took a snapshot and utilized it in HM, but nothing also in this case.

Very strange…

Are there any limitations on the size,resolution?

As far as I know, there are no size or resolution limitations. If you try to go to the picture directly in the browser (http://<ha address|name>:8123/local/picture.jpg), does it render?

Actually don’t. It works with the picture from internet but not with the one I ported from windows via samba. Even the snapshot…

That means that the picture isn’t in a usable format. You’ll need to convert it first to jpg, png, etc.

You can further prove this out by uploading the image to any number of image conversion websites (I like Image Converter - FreeConvert.com myself), convert it, and then save it back to HA and see if it renders.

Thanks, good hint I’ll try it!

But is it true that files in the WWW folder are automatically visible also to anybody on internet?

Yes, that’s true IF you have HA exposed externally (either through self-hosting, nabu casa, etc). There is no security on the /local endpoint in HA.

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I believe there are some resolution limitations when applying images into smaller constraints. I’ve tried some high res background-images with shape backgrounds and had to shrink the image to make them appear.

With the background I think you are correct.

Just want to let you non le that with the conversion it works. Thank you sir!

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Hi Asky, i changed you Topic Header, to reflect your real issue, it’s never a good idea to assume something don’t work, unless one is certain, that it’s broke (somehow)
Please also “Mark” Bill’s(code-in-progress) answers as the Solution, so other people in same situation might find this when using the Search-Function

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Happy to help!

Also, in case you didn’t know… you can convert automatically on the phone using Shortcuts and I think you can upload it to HA that way. Definitely something for you to play around with (if you aren’t already).