Picture-element and camera_image size issue

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the picture-elements card with an camera feed as image element. The height of the card is bigger than the camera feed, is that fixable so the card will fit the camera feed?

As background I make use of an orange pixel (pixel.png)

- icon: mdi:cctv
    id: cctv
      - type: picture-elements
        image: /local/lovelace/pixel.png
          - type: image
            entity: camera.cam_lise
            camera_image: camera.cam_lise
            tap_action: more-info
              top: 0
              right: 0
              transform: initial
              line-height: 32px
              padding: 0
              margin: 0
          - type: state-label
            entity: sensor.netatmo_slaapkamer_lise_temperature
              bottom: 0
              left: 0
              line-height: 32px
              color: white
              background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3)
              width: 100%
              transform: initial
              padding: 0 8px

what size is your pixel.png image? I use a dummy image with 16:9 ratio and it works fine.

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Many thanks, the 16:9 ratio did the trick! :smile: :+1:

I used a pixel of 1x1px