Picture Element State Label text alignment

Please add support for the picture elements card state label text-align property.

Currently it is centre justified and adding the following does nothing:

          - entity: sensor.rumpus_ac_mode
              text-align: right
              color: white
              left: 80%
              top: 63%
            type: state-label

I’m amazed that this still is not working. It’s so hard to align 2 state-label or one state-label and one state-icon side by side when you have the text center aligned, and you don’t know how long it will be, so that often the text overlaps the other, or they result too distant one from another

max-width: 1px works if you want to line up text vertically


By changing the position and transform you can specify as you want

      position: absolute
      transform: 'translate(0,0)'
      top: 30px
      left: 5px
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