Picture_Elements automation

Hello there,

i need help with automated (icon) image change function from Picture_Elements Card.

I use state_image to work with an HC-SR04 Sensor with Tasmota Sensor Firmware. I get the Distance, but i dont know how to work with this Data to change entity image.

This is my code, but it doesnt has affect. (I use a Picture Elements Card):

  - type: image
    image: /local/floorplan/examples/home/Icons/Leer.png
    entity: sensor.sr04_distance
      - operator: <
        value: '30'
        attribute: brightness(0%) saturate(1)
        image: /local/floorplan/examples/home/Icons/50Voll.png
      - operator: <
        value: 12
        attribute: brightness(70%) saturate(0.1)
        image: /local/floorplan/examples/home/Icons/Voll.png
      top: '-23%'
      left: '-25%'
      scale: 10%

what i have to change? Thanks