Picture-elements card - any way to show a list of entities when an icon is tapped?

Hey HA gurus! I have a list of entities that make up my sprinkler system - which zone (input select), how many minutes (input number), start button, stop button, etc.

I’m using a floorplan with the picture elements card and I want to have an icon that represents the sprinkler controller, which will show the list of entities when it’s tapped. Is that possible natively or with a custom card? I’ve tried a few options so far (hui-element, vertical-stack-in-card) but can’t seem to achieve what I want.


You can design your own pop-up cards with this:

Thanks Tom! I’ll check this out. Hope it works in the ios app too but I’ll find out :crossed_fingers:

Just wanted to follow up and say that browser_mod did the trick! Both in the browser and in the ios app.

Here’s what the final code looked like for that picture element:

- type: icon
    icon: mdi:sprinkler
      top: 64%
      left: 80%
      transform: translate(-50%,-50%) scale(-1.5,1.5)
      color: '#4682B4'
      action: fire-dom-event
        command: popup
        deviceID: this
        title: Sprinklers
          type: entities
            - input_select.sprinkler_zone
            - input_number.minutes_to_water
            - input_button.start_sprinklers
            - input_button.stop_sprinklers
            - input_boolean.sprinkler_runonce

With browser_mod2, this should work?

          action: fire_dom_event
            service: browser_mod.popup
              title: Tire Pressure
                type: entities
                  - sensor.deepblue_tpms_front_left
                  - sensor.deepblue_tpms_front_right
                  - sensor.deepblue_tpms_rear_left
                  - sensor.deepblue_tpms_rear_right

Tap does nothing for me. Calling the popup service from Developer Tools does work.

Oops, dashes instead of underscores in fire-dom-event.