Picture-elements: set default state_image or use another sensor for image?

Hi, only new to the picture-elements card I’m trying to have an image set according to the state of my device_tracker.life360. This device_tracker follows many zones, but for this card Im only interested in home, not_home, and ‘else’.

Can we somehow set a ‘default’ for the else in the config?

type: picture-elements
image: /local/various/presence_frame.png
  - type: image
    entity: device_tracker.life360_marijn
      top: 35%
      left: 50%
      width: 100%
      "home": /local/family/marijn_bmj.png
      "not_home": /local/family/marijn_not_home.png

Or, can I use another sensor for the state?
I have a sensor in my system that has as its state a picture for all states the device_tracker can be in.

Would be really nice if I could simply use that, but we might not be able to use that here? No support for a template like {{states{'sensor.marijn_location_picture')}} …?

or what I use in my button-card templates:

  entity_picture: >
     var id = entity.entity_id.split('_')[2];
     return states['sensor.' + id + '_picture'].state;

Could I maybe use that in a card-mod setting via style: { } ?

thanks for having a look