Picture-elemnts: how to open parent device on double_tap action


I use dashboards with picture-elements, like:

As you can see, there are some state-labels that display temperature.
This is done with

          - type: state-label
            title: Keukenraam
            entity: sensor.my_n00_p03_temperature_t03_koelkast_temperature
              action: more-info
              transform: scale(0.8,0.8) translate(-50%, -50%)
              top: 63%
              left: 90%
              color: black
              border: 1px solid black
              border-radius: 20px
              padding: 0px
              background-color: white

Now what I want: on double_tap_action

              action: more-info

I want to see the device info, not the entity info.
This is especially interesting when you have a device with multiple sensors, i.e. the most temperature sensors: temp/humidity
I don’t want to clutter my dashboard with all those details, but it can be interesting that you can see them on double tap.


kind regards,
Bart Plessers

Picture-element, Glance card , whatever - it does not matter.
The correct question is - “is there a card which displays a Device, not entities?”
Answer is - “there is no such a standard card”.
In HA Settings → Devices you can open a “Device info” popup which contains a device-level info and associated entities. But I do not know a way to call this pop for a particular device

Indeed, I was referring to that “card”.

Then I would suggest to rename the thread to smth like “How to call a standard HA device info window - or how to mimic it”