Picture-entity camera entity "automatic still preview" gone?

Hi all,

I used to display my generic cameras using picture-entity. But since the recent updates, it doesn’t render the “still” preview anymore, despite having made any change. Did I miss something, or is it a known regression?

Is there any straightforward alternative solution? (my camera doesn’t provide any still stream to be used with still_image_url)

My ui-lovelace:

type: picture-entity
entity: camera.backyard
aspect_ratio: "66%"
show_name: false
show_state: false

My camera settings:

platform: generic
stream_source: "rtsp://"
name: backyard

There was an issue with 2022.4.0 which meant that the yaml import lost the ‘content type’ for a stream on the import.

Have you updated to 2022.4.2?

If possible I suggest deleting your camera from the UI and restarting HA to let it re-import the yaml. Then you should get the preview still image back.