Picture entity video missing - requires a refresh of the browser to view

Often after a restart and sometimes just during the day my picture-entity cards with video feeds end up looking like this:
It happens with any camera source including local_file so it’s not a problem with the feed.

If I refresh the page they usually show up, but it’s annoying having to refresh my tablets several times/day to get the feed to show up.

It happens on multiple devices and browsers. Wireless or wired.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

Anyone else with this problem?

I can re-create it on a basic page with only local_file cameras on a PC, Android and iOS devices.

Bumping this as I haven’t found a solution despite upgrading HA among other changes.

Is everyone else having video feeds in lovelace without the images breaking?

Yes I’m having the same problem…

Same issue here.

Yup, same here. Been seeing it through several versions of HA since long ago. I originally thought it might be the picture source, but Blue Iris is pretty good about providing this image all the time.

Well I’m at least glad that it’s not just me so hopefully there is a solution.

Is everyone else here using Hass.io too?

This has been happening to me for as long as I can remember, through several updates.

I’m running in a virtual environment (pyvenv).

I seem to have found a solution. Using camera_view: live in the config seems to solve it for me. It’s been a week of no issues.

One thing to note is that the card UI will still sometimes show “auto” instead of “live”.