Picture from Hikvision Camera

Apologies for this thread. Realise it’s a bit too long and vast for HA - learning slowly and realising I was talking and asking too much.

I’ve got an automation set up to Telegram me a picture from my Hikvision camera, triggered by a line crossing event on the same cam. The picture comes directly from the camera’s HTTP jpeg URL.

The HA element works great, but the photo gets sent several seconds after the trigger fires, meaning the image more often than not misses the subject. Could be that the HTTP request and the camera rendering the JPEG (8MP) is just not quick enough.

Any ideas for a way to get an earlier picture? Am trying the sub stream but it’ll still technically be behind. I was wondering if anyone had any clever ideas to pull a frame from a second or so prior to the trigger.


EDIT: Looks like sub stream isn’t an option; URL doesn’t work so it looks like the camera only generates JPEGS for the main stream.

I’ve also wondered this! I have push notifications with images going to my iPhone and often misses fast events

I was hoping I’d be able to get the NVR to save a clip on my NAS somewhere for HA to pick up as the NVR supports pre-event recording but I’m having no joy!