Picture Glance Card | Entity value and status bar size

I like the simplicity of the picture glance cards for room configurations. Couple that with the panel mode of a view it simply looks stunning.

Two queries:

  • I want to show the temp/humidity as a value instead of the sensor icons. Is this possible?
  • I’m building the dashboard on a tablet and the status bar holding all the icons is too small including the icons. Is there a way to increase the size/ratio of the status bar?

On a similar note would it be possible to have a “background” image on a lovelace view and then have other cards overlayed?

Got part of the answer.

show_state: true shows the value under the icon. This has made the bar a bit wider which I’m ok with. So first query is ok.

The bar is still too narrow for my liking and the size of the icons could be a bit bigger. I don’t see any configuration options in the card itself so is there a need to write some CSS? If yes I have no idea where to even start as this is above my pay grade :slight_smile:

Still haven’t found the answer on whether it’s possible to enlarge the status bar and everything within it; e.g. icons, text etc

It’s just a bit too small for my liking to make the interaction easier