PiHole & Dark Sky & Let's Encrypt & DuckDNS

I’ve been exploring different ways of running Hass, RaspBX and Pi Hole on two Pis I have. I’ve come to the conclusion I can’t really do it without either buying another Pi (can’t afford to!) or going back to running PiHole as a Hass.io add-on.

Now the last time I tried this I got all sorts of problems with parts of my Hass setup breaking. Dark Sky broke and I dare say access from the iOS app and remote DuckDNS HTTPS access broke to.

Could I get around this by simply telling Hass itself to IGNORE my router’s DNS “recommendation” ? I guess the problem is the DNS starts going round in a sort of crazy loop…


Ah, looks like the answer to my issue might be here

You can also just Raspbian and load up what you want. No issues with all of those packages and then a heap more things on mine.

You’ve got RaspBX, PiHole AND Home Assistant running on one Pi?!? WOW!
So many questions…!

  • No echoes with RaspBX?
  • Wasn’t setting up the FreePBX GUI a right pfaff?
  • How did you deal with two HTTP servers?


No sorry, your title only says ‘PiHole; Dark Sky; Let’s Encrypt and DuckDNS’. Asterisk runs off of my router, as does my VPN.

Currently my Pi does HA, Caddy, Mosquitto MQTT, Pihole + DNS HTTPS proxy, syslog collector, Lets Encrypt, etc. As its just Rasbpian, you can install whatever you want. Ended up going to an SSD though, as I ruined 3 SD cards in about 1.2 years.