PiJuice battery hat for mobile pi

OK just ordered one of these new hats as I have a project where I want to take HA out and about. Anyone else tested this, or have a battery powered HA instance?

Hi, mind to share you experience with this UPS power hat? Does it sufficient to power the Pi before shutting down it?

I still didn’t use my pijuice, in the draw of things to try when I get time!

Maybe a bit late - but still: For me it does. I am quite happy with its performance.

There is now even a custom component that should allow readout of parameters to eg shutdown in case of power shortage. PiJuice in Hass.io - #7 by racailloux (not yet tested though)

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I tested it :slight_smile: and it works on my side (hopefully).
Some persons already use it too and it seems also to work fine for them.

I am still waiting for an HACS integration (it takes time).
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help on it.

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I was now able to test it too – via HACS installation – and can confirm it is working :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the effort of implementing this!

I would have some questions/suggestions + would also be willing to help implementing those (but first need to get into integration coding):

  • Firmware info and the possibility to update it
  • Event triggers (Sorry if such a thing is already supported) like those pijuice_cli provides
    • Low charge
    • Low battery voltage
    • No power
    • Power present
    • etc
  • Allow to set
    • Wakeup on charge
    • Software Halt Power Delay period
    • etc
  • Provide the sensor entities as part of a device (?)
  • Allow to set an area for the entities/the device

But probably this is not the right channel for such a discussion?

Hello @lcnittl !
Thanks for having tryed it and your feedback.

Those are nice ideas and I should add them to the issue tracker in the github.
For the moment, I don’t get so much time to add features (summer time!) but I will have a look later. Some seems to be feasable, some are more complex (updating the firmware sould be tricky).

Great - glad you like the ideas!

Checking the issues, it seems you already found more info regarding event triggers - the shelly buttons are also on of the examples ( Shelly - Home Assistant ).

PiJuice looks ideal for my little hobby greenhouse. No power, so looking to run a RasPi 3 with HAOS from a 10,000mAh battery and Solar panel. I am not comfortable with electronics / building a custom solution, so wanting to stick to off-the-shelf components.

So I am after feedback on the PiJuice HA integration. The PiJuice software seems to have lots of nice features but I assume that HAOS with the Home Assistant PiJuice Integration just sees a collection of sensors, and it is up to us to make automations such as controlled shutdown when battery is low ?

Are you all happy with PiJuice ? Does it supply plenty of current for a RasPi 3B, or should I be looking as a RasPi Zero 2W or an ESP ? Anything you would do differently ? Are you using it just as a 4-6 hours UPS ?

I am thinking that my rain gauge will require the RasPi be always on (so it doesn’t miss the start of rain); and will also need to run for a couple of days (at least) during rainy weather. I am wondering how long a 10,000mAh battery is likely to power the RasPi for ? I can probably run out and recharge from a powerbank, but don’t want to do that too frequently, so a bigger battery is better.

Also thinking that during winter the output from solar panel will be low (or none) for days on end, so a bigger solar panel will make the most of what sun is available … but how big a solar panel should I pair with it.

I’m retired so cost is an issue; but don’t want to go too cheap and have to upgrade later. Seems the more research I do, the more confused I get :wink:

I got a notice today that Your repository is taken down from GitHub, and as such, it is no longer possible to install the PiJuice addon from HACS.
I have been very pleased with your work; it has done precicely what it was supposed to :slight_smile:
Could you please explain why it is no longer available?