PIN for Blink does not seem to register properly

Hello all. I have recently purchased 2 of the Blink Outdoor security cameras and have them set up with the Blink app on my smart phone. I initially added the Blink integration into Home Assistant, without a PIN. It seemed to work fine, but then a day later I got an email from Blink telling me that an attempt was made to login to my Blink account from a device named Home Assistant. It gave me a verification PIN and told me it was good for 40 minutes. I could find no way to go back and enter a PIN. So I removed the Blink integration from Home Assistant and then turned around and added it back - this time I entered the PIN I had just received. This method is not working. I keep getting another message just like the previous one with a new PIN. I have tried three times to remove and add back the Blink integration, each time using the latest PIN but no joy. Can someone tell me how to solve this issue, please?

BTW, if needed I am running HA in a supervised install, so I think that means it is running as core (hassio).


There’s an open issue for this at

Essentially you should setup the integration as you did the first time, then ignore the (daily / on HA restart) email.