Ping homeassistant.local other than vlan 1


I don’t know if this question was asked or not yet so sorry if yes but i couldn’t find a solution.

So i have udm SE where i set up a vlan

I have LAN vlan 1
and then other vlan 2 3 4

I have installed on proxmox homeassistant vm and vm get vlan from UDM.
If i put homeassistant on VLAN 1 which is default vlan i can ping to homeassistant.local
But if i put homeassistant vm on VLAN 2 i get ip for home assistant and i can ping it and acces via web.
But i CAN NOT ping to homeassistant.local when is not on vlan 1.

So how can i find a solution that i can ping it.
On my UDM multicast DNS is enabled for vlan.

Where in hassio i can change ip address of homeassistant.local ?

Instead use of vlan 1 use it from vlan 2

Thanks for your answer

This might help:

In GUI: in /Setting/system/network
In HA-console type “net update” (you can use -h after each command to get more help here)

'Thanks for answer yes i know that if i want change host name and instead i have homeassistant i want have texas. I tried that and ping texas.local and i could not ping because my dhcp and dns server could not find name texas.local.

If my hassio was on same subnet as my main subnet (vlan1) i could ping which ever hostname i chose.
But hassio is not on same suubnet as main network(vlan1)

So when i put ping to hostname no ping but if i ping to i have ping my main network is on

So inter vlan works the only yhing that no works it is by host name. If i am on vlan 1 (main network) it works if i am on other vlan not.
So i am looking how to fix that. I coulld not find /etc/host file in hassio to put hostname as i have on proxmox or UDM
Thanks for helping’

thans i will look at it but my inter vlan routing works because if i ping IP of hassio on VLAN 5 frm vlan 1 (main network) i can ping. The probleme is when i put hostname ,it could not ping. I did not find on hassio /etc/host file to put correct IP of hostanme. Or i will look on UDM how to change mdns.
thanls anyway

Well your questions was as above, that’s what i answered to, not how you ping hostname on another vlan.
You don’t resolve the host-name on the vlan you 'r trying to ping, you resolve it on the vlan you are on(pinging from) V1, as i assume your “internal-routing” is done in your router on IP-level

PS: run nslookup in both vlans, and you’ll find who are responsible for resolving, hopefully the same :), but doubtful, as you experience this. I haven’t looked at the url Tom provided, so i can’t tell what it’s recommended there

Thanks you get me on good way to was on my unifi network configuration to set up domain name.

I have it put same thing as in VLAN 1 now i put just local. i can get it now ping


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