PING scan interval missing, PING ruined for LAN use cases

Why in the world are you changing PING and removing SCAN INTERVAL ? I don’t ping outside my LAN so WHY would you force a fixed scan interval on ALL uses including LAN, ruining a very simple and important feature?? I have many devices in the home and it does NOT make sense to scan all devices / all situations at the same interval. Non critical devices get a long scan interval, and the more critical devices get a fast interval. This is a huge part of my setup… seeing at a glance, what is online and what is not. So instead of one simple text file, I now have to click into 50 separate entities?? …only to find I no longer have control of the scan interval? This is a huge bummer, man!! PLEASE reconsider.

Why didn’t you just force a scan interval override on PING scans to PUBLIC IP addresses, if that was the issue in the first place? Please don’t ruin ping for LAN use. It doesn’t affect anyone but me!

One simple text file:

  - platform: time_pattern
    seconds: "/3"
  - service: homeassistant.update_entity
      - binary_sensor.ping_1st_device
      - binary_sensor.ping_2nd_device
      - binary_sensor.ping_3rd_device
      - binary_sensor.ping_infinity_device

This dramatically over-complicates PING. This is awful: having to create a 7 line automation for every single device that I want to ping, in my own home.


You create one automation and list all the ping sensors. Exactly like I showed above.

By your own suggestion, it would take 7 line of code per target to have unique control over each target’s scan interval, as we did originally in the configuration.yaml version, which was FINE. And now, ping is ruined.

Simple network tools are simple for a reason: simple is useful / easy.
If they’re not simple, they cease to be useful.

Why does every one of your devices require a different scan interval?

Since you didn’t read my initial post, here you go:

Besides, what business is it of HA how often I ping my own devices?
Different use cases … different scan intervals.
It is PRIMARY FEATURE of ping that has been deprecated, ruining the PING function.

“Why not turn LEFT three times instead of turn RIGHT. Then we can delete the turn RIGHT feature entirely. Yeah, that makes sense.” Did Microsoft buy home assistant??

Oh, so you need two automations. How onerous.

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It’s pretty interesting, though, that “Ping count” option is there, but scan interval is not. Ping count is far from being as important that they should include it in options, don’t you think? Far more important is scan interval. It really doesn’t matter much if ping count is 3, 4, 5, 7 or whatever… But if someone wants quick respond to device being online/offline then interval is a critical option.

So… whatever the reason is… it’s pretty odd one…

“Scan interval” is being deprecated from all (YAML) integrations that used it, it’s not specific to Ping.

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